My priorities for ministry at Milford Hills Baptist are:

1.   To exalt Jesus Christ, presenting Him as the sinless, crucified and risen Savior who, through His Word and the Spirit, can meet all our needs according to His glorious riches.

2.  To proclaim the Scripture as containing everything a person needs for salvation, for trusting God perfectly, and for obeying God perfectly. (2 Tim 3:15–17; 2 Pet 1:3).

3.   To learn everything I can about the body and to be an example (1 Peter 5:1-4).  As your shepherd following the chief Shepherd, I ought to smell like my sheep and know you by name.  I will fail as a leader if I first don’t take the time to understand and love the body.  It takes time to learn the why and how of a church.  Clement of Rome said, “Christ belongs to the lowly of heart, and not to those who would exalt themselves over his flock.”

4.  To humbly spend time, serve, and disciple the leadership (Phil. 2:5-8).

5.  To plan my preaching (Rom. 10:17).  This is my number one priority.  Faithfully explaining and applying the Scriptures will have more impact on our church than anything else I can do.

6.  To have a passion for people, which is driven by a high view of God (Prov 9:10).

7.  To make time to meet with people who are not in our church (Phil. 2:4; Matt. 22:37-40).

8.  To plant a garden not a Chia Pet (1 Cor. 4:2).  I am in this for the long haul.  MHBC is a living organism not a business.  

True leadership comes from having your trust.  This is not my church but our church.  Change should come from Christ to us.  I am looking to the fruit that that God’s grace will bear to His glory. 


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