What motivates you?  Does your devotional life propel your perseverance, humility, joy, tenderness, passion, and grace? 

Are you daily admitting to the Lord that you are needy of His grace?  If so, how are you daily meditating on the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ?  Are you daily feeding on the restorative wisdom of His Word?

 Is your relationship with Christ more about responsibilities or love and worship? 
 Is your personal devotion rooted in humble, heart-deep confession?

Paul Tripp states:
 If you are in ministry and you are not reminding yourself again and again of the
now-ism of the gospel, that is, the right-here, right-now benefits of the
grace of Christ, you will be looking elsewhere to get what can only be found in
Jesus. If you are not feeding your soul on the realities of the presence,
promises, and provisions of Christ, you will ask the people, situations, and
things around you to be the messiah that they can never be. If you are not
attaching your identity to the unshakable love of your Savior, you will ask the
things in your life to be your Savior, and it will never happen. If you are not
requiring yourself to get your deepest sense of well-being vertically, you will
shop for it horizontally, and you will always come up empty. If you are not
resting in the one true gospel, preaching it to yourself over and over again,
you will look to another gospel to meet the needs of your unsettled

Is your ministry fueled by your own worship?

Is your ministry a privilege and a joy or a burden and a duty?



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