10  ways parents can cause their children to lose heart 
Adapted from John MacArthur 

Overprotection—strict  rules about everything.  No  trust—parents must communicate to their children that they trust them.  Can lead to despair and rebellion. Rules and guidelines are good, but not as a noose.

Favoritism—Comparing a child unfavorably to siblings or other peers—black sheep of the family

Lack of Worth—Your not important, parents not listening—leads to kids becoming discouraged, shy, and withdrawn.
Unrealistic goals—Never rewarding them, Parent can never be pleased—leads to a sense of utter worthlessness
Affectionless—must communicate love both verbally and physically—lack of pushes child away.

Lack of Provision—Must provide for their needs.—privacy, a place to play, clean clothes, a place to study, their own
possessions, and good meals. 
Lack of standards—raise the bar. Discipline with consistency.  Children are not to raise themselves—this is too much freedom and can lead to insecurity and feeling unloved.

Criticism—A critical attitude belittles, condemns, creates distrust and destroys—a  positive, constructive attitude builds

Neglect—You can’t be indifferent.  Be God-fearing, responsible, and involved.

Excessive discipline—abuses either verbally, emotionally, or physically.  Are you saying things to your kids you wouldn’t sat to anybody else? Anger or lovingly correction?



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