Thom Rainer states the following:
I am continuing to study those churches that were in doldrums, decline, and despair that are now making an exciting gospel impact. What did God do in those churches to guide the turnaround? What can we learn from them? Are there common elements in revitalized churches?
One factor I can share with you at this point is simple but profound. In each of those churches, a group of leaders began to dream again. They began to dream about what God could do through them. They began to see God’s possibilities for impacting the community. They asked God how they could be a part of His dream and His vision for a revitalized church. They stopped looking at their own limitations and began to see God’s possibilities.

My prayer is that we would be a place where godly people are dreaming big dreams, because we are following a big God who wants to use us in proclaiming the gospel to the nations.  God’s dream for MHBC begins right here in our own community. 

·         How does God want to use you to reach this community? 

·         What active part are YOU taking in being used of God to revitalize MHBC?

·         Are you looking at your own limitations or the possibilities of an ALL powerful God?



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