1.       Prayer is not a waste of time.

A church that believes in prayer, spends time in prayer.  Prayer matters. It is not a waste of time. 

Do you struggle with prayer because you are not fully aware of your utter dependence on God?  Does  Prayer often seem passive?  Prayer is a gift to the church.  Prayer is a discipline that enters the throne room with our brothers and sisters and petitions the King to act on our behalf.  

2.      Prayer should be about affirming one another.

Prayers should never individualistic when the church gathers to pray.  Praying out loud gives the congregation the ability to carefully listen and affirm the requests of the person praying.

The Pray-er: “Oh Father, we praise you for our salvation.”  Affirmation (Agreement): “Yes, Lord.”  “Amen.”

This allows for total church participation and allows the pray-er to feel like he is being held up by brothers and sisters in Christ, and carried to the throne room of God.

Trevin Wax states, “Praying together isn’t just taking turns. It’s affirming each other’s requests, so that what the other is saying is also being delivered as the cry of our own heart.”

3.      Prayer is for all Christ-followers

Prayer embodies the priesthood of all believers.  Are we not family?  Therefore, everyone can pray and everyone should pray, preferably out loud.  Prayer is not exclusive to leadership.  Remember, even the rocks would cry out if they could.

Luke 19:40 (HCSB)
40  He answered, “I tell you, if they were to keep silent, the stones would cry out!”

Are we not all granted equal access to the throne of God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ?

 4.      Prayer should be of heart and mind.

Don’t worry about what you will say.  The best way to pray is by praying the Word.  Open up the Bible, read it, and pray it back to God.  It’s not about being theologically precise or super-spiritual, but real.  The more you immerse yourself in God’s truth, richly theological prayers pour forth from the heart spontaneously.

 5.      Prayer should teach us.

Prayer should teach us not to be self-centered but gospel-centered.  Pray more for the lost to enter heaven, than the saints to be kept out of heaven.  Prayer should preach the gospel.  Prayer should be bold and passionate to see the Spirit move among the nations.



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