The following is from the ministry of Thom Rainer:

Me First = Death

When a church ceases to have a heart and ministry for its community, it is on the
path toward death.

Whenever local churches are mentioned in the New Testament, they are always exhorted to be other-centered.  Paul told the church at Philippi to look after the interests of others even as it considered its own interests (Phil. 2:1–4).

But dying churches are concerned with self-preservation. They are concerned with a certain way of doing church. They are all about self. Their doors are closed to the community. And even more sadly, most of the members in the dying church would not admit they are closed to those God has called them to reach and minister.

My prayer for us:
Father, give us a heart for this community. 
Empower us to be other-centered. 
Show all of us that we each have a part. 
May we continue to seek out others before our own interests. 
Give us a burden to pray for those You want us to reach and minister. 
How do you want us to open our doors?    



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