Romans 8:10 (HCSB)
10 Now if  Christ is in you, the body is dead because of sin, but the Spirit is life  because of righteousness.

Here is how it happens. When the Spirit of God works savingly through the Word  of God in a person’s life, God regenerates the heart (i.e., He gives him new birth), making him a new creation. As a new creation this newborn Christian
recognizes his sin and turns to God for forgiveness. God enables him to believe  the Word. This is always the case (John 6:37). This belief  is what God uses to bind or unite someone to Christ. It is through this union  that we then experience the benefits of Christ’s work. We are considered righteous because we are now able to inherit Christ’s righteousness. It is
imputed to us or considered effective in our life. We are not just innocent, but positively righteous. Moreover, since Christ is life (John 14:6), once we are united to Christ, we inherit abundant, eternal life from Him (John
6:39-40).--Ben Peays

What We Have:
1.  I have a new heart
2.  I am a new creation
3.  I see sin for what it is
4.  I can run to the Father
5.  I can now believe and obey His Word
6.  I have godly fruit
7.  I am righteous, because of Jesus
8.  I have life worth living
9.  I will live forever with the Triune God



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