Abundant Life - After several more trips, the Strandjords sold everything they had and moved to Malaysia to do what they felt not enough are doing: preach the explicit gospel to the Malays. For six years, they trekked to towns and villages all over the country, including conservative states like Kelantan where strict Sharia laws reign. Despite receiving multiple death threats, they still visit villages to preach to strangers—and wherever they go, they say they see miracles: healings of the sick and brokenhearted, deliverance from demon possessions, and an awe and fervor for Jesus among Muslims whose eyes glimmer with tears when they hear what Christ did for them.

Father, may this be me. Thank you for giving me this heart. I don't want to waste my life. I pray for Your unique opportunity.

The following is adapted from Trevin Wax:

How am I sensing awe and humility in what God promises to do through me?

How many times have I failed to act in faith because I thought too little of myself, or because I minimized the gifts and talents and passions that God Himself has put in me?

How many times have I exaggerated challenges and diminished God’s call?

How many times have I faltered in faith, not by overestimating myself but by underestimating what God can do through me?

Failure to see the grandeur of God squashes our hope in what He can accomplish through us. A distorted vision of God leads to a diminished view of ourselves. In the end, we no longer think we are capable of doing what God has called us to do.

Underestimating myself is not humility, but faithlessness. The stronger my faith in God is, the stronger my faith will be in what God can and will do through me.


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